Simon Thinks She Can’t Sing Alicia Keys’ Classic, But Guest Judge Forced To Slam Golden Buzzer

It didn’t seem like the judges were at all skeptical because they’d seen what Angelica was capable of the last time she stepped on the show. But after watching their reaction, you can tell that she did A LOT better than they had expected! So much so that the guest judge was blown away by her power-packed performance!

Chris Hardwick quickly recognized Angelica’s potential and couldn’t wait for the performance to be over, so he can tell her just how awesome she is! As soon as she’s done singing, the cameras are directed to Chris who’s sitting with his mouth wide open. Watch as he goes on to praise the girl for her magnificent voice and talent.

But, that’s not all! He’s so impressed that he makes Angelica the “chosen one” by hitting the golden buzzer; the little girl was ecstatic, and so were her parents, who were seen hugging and crying at their daughter’s success.

Watch the amazing performance in the video below. If you’re a fan of Angelica, then don’t forget to like and share this post with family and friends!

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